• Do fear and worry prevent you from living your life the way you want?
  • Are you always imagining the worst-case scenario?
  • Are you afraid to try new things, or go to new places?
  • Have you been feeling “stuck” in old, upsetting memories that won’t leave you alone?

Sareet Taylor, counselor, yoga therapy, oviedo, flIf so, you are not alone. You are one of the millions of Americans struggling with anxiety. Treating anxiety and trauma-related issues is my specialty. I can help you to work through the fear and trauma so that you can let go of the constant worrying, relax, and achieve peace of mind.

Events that happen to us in our lives don’t cause us to feel badly; it’s the way our minds and bodies respond to those events that lead us to feel badly. The good news about that is that we can work to change the way your mind and body respond to events, thus improving the way you feel. I see it as my job to use all the tools at my disposal to help you adjust your mind, release tension from your body, and get you feeling better as quickly as possible.

As a licensed mental health counselor and a registered yoga teacher, and additionally certified in clinical hypnosis for trauma resolution and trained in yoga therapy, my approach to treatment is holistic. I have learned that you will achieve much greater positive results when we engage both your mind AND your body in therapy. My unique background enables me to use a variety of techniques, including cognitive therapy, mindfulness, deep breathing, visualization, hypnosis, and gentle yoga – all of which help you to release anxiety and old trauma, and get back to living the life you want. I have also found these techniques to be particularly helpful in dealing with stress, depression, postpartum depression, addiction, body image issues, and chronic pain.

I offer counseling and psychotherapy services as well as private yoga sessions, and our work together may be a combination of the two, if you are interested. Although I often find that gentle yoga as a component to treatment is extremely valuable – and even more so when combined with other therapeutic tecniques – I leave that up to your comfort level. Private yoga sessions are also wonderful for stress relief, chronic stiffness in the body, or as part of your recovery from an injury (once you have finished physical therapy).

I would love to assist you on your path to a more peaceful mind, relaxed body, and fulfilling life. The relationship between you and your treatment provider is of utmost importance; thus I am happy to offer you a free 30 minute consultation, either by phone or in my office, to help you determine whether I am the right therapist for you. Call 407-701-5414 today (or click on “contact me”) to take advantage of this free consultation.

I am now located in the Serenity Center in Oviedo, FL. Check out www.serenitycenter.com to learn more about us, especially our Serenity Saturdays.

Coming soon: Due to overwhelming client requests, I will soon be creating some relaxation, visualization and gentle yoga mp3s to be available for download!