Psychotherapy Services

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling sessions are generally 55 minutes in length. I tailor our work together in counseling to fit your needs and your personality. This may include a combination of motivational interviewing, solution-focused therapy, yoga therapy and emotional freedom technique (an exciting mind/body technique often referred to as “emotional acupuncture”). 

Individual counseling can be provided for older children (age 10+), adolescents, and, of course, adults. I have many years of experience working with teenagers, and they are truly my passion. The mind/body techniques I use are especially helpful with this age group, particularly if they feel that mom or dad is “making” them go to counseling, because they get involved in the activities and often overcome that resistance very quickly, forgetting that that are actually doing counseling. It is my passion to provide a safe space for teenagers (as well as adults) to voice, and work on, their issues and concerns. 

Couples Counseling

Relationships are a tremendous part of our lives. They can be challenging at times, but over all, they nourish and enrich us. But who teaches us how to have healthy, relationships? Most of what we learn is through watching our parents, and this may make us either want to emulate what we´ve seen in them, or try to do the exact opposite. Either way, we are never really taught how to have healthy, meaningful relationships. 

Couples counseling services are productive for couples of any kind to explore a variety of relationship issues, and generally focus on the wellness of that relationship. This kind of therapy is a great opportunity for couples to really learn some of those relationship skills they were never taught and put them immediately into action. Communication skills are often a focus. Many of the same techniques for individual counseling are used. In fact, the mind/body work can especially effective in couples work, as you can practice breathing, relaxation and other exercises at home together. Sessions are generally 55 minutes but can be longer; we will make this decision during your first appointment based on your needs. 

Group Counseling

Group counseling is a highly effective and cost-efficient mode of treatment. Not only do you get to explore your issues and learn from your counselor, but you also get to learn from others with similar concerns who will listen, share, challenge and support you through the process of making positive changes in your life. This kind of therapy can be extremely valuable as you will meet with others who have similar issues in a safe space, which will help you to realize that you are not alone as you learn, grow and heal along with your fellow members. Groups are typically made up of 4-8 people, and occur once a week for about 8 weeks. Groups will be closed, which means that once we have begun, no additional people will be entering the group at subsequent weeks. This helps you to build safe, strong and productive relationships with your fellow group members. 

The following groups can be provided: 

Stress and Anxiety Management through Yoga Therapy

During this group, we will address your issues related to stress and anxiety and help you learn specific ways to cope in your daily life. The group will incorporate breathing techniques, light meditation and gentle yoga to help you relax, quiet your mind, tune into your body´s wisdom, and achieve decreased stress and increased peace of mind.

Addiction Recovery Group

Much of society views addicts as morally inept individuals, or individuals who lack willpower. I completely reject this position, as many wonderful individuals struggle with addiction. Addiction to alcohol, other drugs, or food is a disease process, and healing can be achieved with work and commitment. 

Self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous are free and available in the community. These are usually very structured (not much interaction between members) and open, meaning that members can come and go from week to week. A counseling group focusing on recovery from addiction is a closed group (meaning the same members attend for the entire length of the group, usually 8 weeks), encouraging appropriate interaction between members, and led by a therapist. This group focuses on addressing your commitment to positive change, relapse prevention (especially helping you learn to cope with triggers), and giving and receiving feedback and support from fellow members throughout your healing process. 

Girls´ Teen Group

Adolescence can be a troubling time for girls — they often feel pressure to look a certain way, engage in certain behaviors, and this can be confusing and frightening. As a parent, it can be difficult to figure out how to handle the situation, because this is the age when girls often become secretive with their parents. I have worked for many years with adolescent girls, and they are truly my passion. Group counseling for teenage girls can be really effective, as girls at this age sometimes often feel lonely, confused, and misunderstood, and the feedback and support from their peers (as well as the therapist) can be very powerful. We will address issues related to peer pressure, body image, relationships, healthy sexuality, and whatever other concerns the girls may have in a safe, supportive environment. 

All Counseling groups will be available to begin in June/July. Please contact me by phone or e-mail for more information if you are interested in a group.