EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT falls under the category of energy psychology, which refers to a variety of holistic treatment techniques, all of which are based upon the premise that many of the negative emotions we experience in life (stress, anxiety, depression, sadness) are due, at least in part, to disruptions or blockages of energy within the body, and if we can “unblock” the balance to the energy within our bodies, we can achieve healing.

EFT is based on traditional Chinese acupuncture, but there are no needles. It involves tapping on specific acupuncture points (also referred to as “meridian points” in Chinese medicine) on your body while engaging in very specific therapeutic dialogue. The premise is that if we are tapping, and thus releasing energy, through these meridian points (meridians are channels through which our body�s energy flows), while discussing those issues which are causing you pain and an imbalance of energy, we can restore that balance of energy and help you to find relief very quickly.

I know it may seem silly at first. You can even try it yourself at www.emofree.com. You are tapping on points on your face, chest, side and head while repeating very specific dialogue — how could this possibly help you to resolve your issues? While we cannot prove that EFT works by re-establishing a balance of energy in the body, what we do know is that it does work — and it helps people resolve everything from anxiety to alcoholism, insomnia to depression, sexual trauma to relationship issues — and many more besides.

I also find EFT to be a particularly useful technique with adolescents, because the tapping does feel a little silly at first, which helps them get beyond any resentment, fear or anger about going to therapy. Then, once they get used to the tapping, they get so involved in it that they forget that mom or dad “made” them come. Plus, EFT works fast, and it’s something they can practice at home when stressed or upset.

EFT is a highly effective technique for pretty much everyone, and what makes it even better is that I will give you statements to practice tapping on at home between sessions, thus making your therapy much more effective. 

EFT Services

Therapy sessions which use EFT can be provided in the typical 55-minute individual session. This generally makes for highly productive counseling sessions. At the end of each session. I will provide you with statements you can use to practice EFT at home between sessions.

Phone EFT Sessions. EFT sessions can also be provided over the phone. This is a highly effective and very convenient option for many people. I have found that once you learn the basic tapping points (and I can even e-mail you a document or point you to another web site for this information), EFT is just as effective over the phone as it is in person, as long as you can find 55 minutes in your home where you can have quiet and be alone. I will guide you through the tapping points and the dialogue over the phone, focusing completely on you, and I believe you will feel that I am there with you in the room. In fact, most clients feel just as “in tune” with me over the phone as they do in person.