Therapy Workshops and Other Events

If you are a supervisor, employer, or small business owner, workplace workshops are a wonderful and cost-effective way to boost morale, improve teamwork and productivity, and generally make your employees feel more valued and cared for. Please contact me if you are interested in any of the following workshop offerings. If you have an idea for a workshop that you do not see listed here, contact me and we can discuss options. Bring wellness to your workplace today!

Workshop Examples:

Managing Your Stress Through Yoga

Let me bring the wonderful benefits of yoga to your workplace or home! I can provide an energizing session for a small group of you and your employees, co-workers or friends. We’ll incorporate tips for managing stress, quieting your busy, racing mind (which helps you to focus and stay on task more effectively) and improving overall wellness with some light meditation exercises and a gentle, stimulating yoga practice that you can learn quickly and practice on your own. This is terrific for a work luncheon – it is rejuvenating, and the skills learned can actually lead to improved productivity at work.
Coping with Crisis in the Workplace

How do you (and your co-workers or employees) deal with a tragedy at work? Although they are rare, such events do occur – a store or bank robbery, violence in school……when these events happen to you, they can leave you consumed with fear about going to work. As a Certified Crisis Responder (through NOVA, the National Organization for Victim Assistance) who also worked for two years in a crisis psychiatric facility, I am well-equipped to help individuals make sense of, and work through, a workplace tragedy. The sooner after the crisis the debriefing occurs, the better for the overall health of the victims. I can also work with groups of middle and high school students who may be been bystanders of school violence. These groups generally take 1 1/2 hours.

I hate the gym!

Is this how you view exercising – that it is a chore, something you hate to do but feel you have to do? Research in the fitness industry demonstrates that most people only stick with an exercise regime if they enjoy it. As a counselor and certified fitness instructor, I can help you to address both the emotional and physical aspects of exercising. In this workshop, we’ll explore attitudes and fears people hold about going to “the gym”, and learn how to reframe those attitudes so that exercising becomes something positive and even enjoyable.

Depending on the interests of the group, we’ll also explore some dieting myths and healthy nutrition, discuss different types of exercise (with regard to purpose and safety), and get energized with a brief and gentle yoga practice.

Over the years, I have had experience providing workshops to small groups on topics including stress management, body image, anxiety management, healthy sexuality, healthy relationships, responsible (alcohol) drinking, grief and loss, and dealing with people in crisis. If you are interested in any of these topics, or are interested in a topic that you do not see listed here, please contact me at 407-701-5414 or I would be happy to arrange a workshop which meets your needs.


Embark on your journey to wellness today!