Clinical Supervision

Registered Mental Health Counseling Interns in the state of Florida are required to complete work for 2 years under weekly clinical supervision prior to becoming eligible for licensure. The state requires that the supervision be provided by a Florida board-approved qualified supervisor. I am such a qualified supervisor, and I can provide affordable supervision rates to help new counselors achieve their professional goals. 

Individual Supervision 
I am committed to helping new counselors to obtain the required supervision toward licensure without breaking their wallets. I can provide individual supervision at a rate of $50 per hour. Sessions are provided either weekly or bi-weekly depending on your clinical caseload. During supervision, we address specific cases in terms of differential diagnosis and treatment, and also discuss ethical issues, theoretical orientation, and self-care issues. 

The state board defines individual supervision as a ratio of one or two supervisees per supervisor. If you would like to team up with a colleague for joint individual supervision, the rate would be $30 per person per hour, thus greatly reducing the cost to you. 

Group Supervision 
The state allows for half of your clinical supervision hours to be completed in a group format. This can allow for interesting learning and networking opportunities. Group supervision is provided at a rate of $30 per person for groups of 3-4, and $25 per person for groups greater than 5. 

Please contact me for more information regarding supervision or to schedule an appointment.